Take Action Now!  Ask your Michigan Representative to Support SB 248

USAA is asking you to contact your Michigan House representative in support of a bill that would make important changes to Michigan’s system for auto no-fault insurance.

Michigan’s auto insurance system includes many unique features, and while some of those are positive, others are making Michigan drivers pay rates that are as much as 38 percent higher than the average of neighboring states, according to the Michigan Chamber of Commerce.  Senate Bill 248 begins to address some of the issues driving the cost of insurance.

Senate Bill 248 would:

  • Continue to allow injured persons to be eligible for unlimited lifetime benefits.
  • Reduce insurance rates by $100 per car for two years. That’s more than $700 million in consumer savings statewide.
  • Address the problem of medical providers charging up to 400 percent more for no-fault insurance than other insurance. For example, an emergency room visit for a person covered by worker’s compensation insurance costs $154, while an emergency room visit for a person covered by no-fault insurance costs $443.
  • Create a statewide authority to assist law enforcement and prosecutors in cracking down on fraud that costs Michigan drivers an estimated $400 million every year.

We believe that Senate Bill 248 is a step forward that will help improve Michigan’s no-fault auto insurance laws and offer more affordable rates. The bill was approved quickly in the Senate, but hospitals and others who benefit from inflated payments are working to defeat the bill in the Michigan House of Representatives.

Fill out the form on the right to contact your House representative. To view a summary of the bill, click here.

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